Shop (Doll) Update

Hello friends!
Four of my dolls have been finished...
and two of them have already their new owner. :)

This one was sold to a talented Czech dollmaker Janul.

This one became a new companion to my little Kajka.
The doll´s name is Paulina. :)

This red one is waiting in my shop for a new owner (mum :) )
who will personalize her = I will write a custom word or a phrase or a date...
on the doll´s white sign according to the customer´s wish.

And this last cutie in a green gown is lying in a shop as well.
I hope they will not wait there for a long time. ;)

Have a beautiful day.

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blueberries in the fields povedal(a)...

oh zlatica, your wooden art dolls are so adorable, love them all and i am sure they will sell very fast. the red one is my favorite. ^_^
thanks so much for sending me nice wishes,