Little Seamstress

Is there an age limit for creativeness?
My girlie is trying to fix a hole on a T-shirt.
10 minutes back she´d been holding a crocheting hook and working on her first crocheted "something".

Malá krajčírka
Je niekde veková hranica pre tvorivé seba-vyjadrenie?
Moja malá sa pokúša zašiť rozpárané tričko.
10 minút predtým sa snažila uháčkovať svoje prvé háčkované "niečo".

3 komentáre:

Kim povedal(a)...

No Limits!!!! Often children are more creative than we are- it's wonderful when they don't lose that as they grow, and with a Mom as creative as you are- I have a feeling that she will be appreciating the world around her and creating her whole life ♥ So sweet!!!

Mimi and Tilly povedal(a)...

I don't think it can ever be too early to be creative! Your girlie is just gorgeous! I'm hositng a giveaway, Zlatica, pop over if you fancy entering. Hugs, Em x

Sympathy for The Devil povedal(a)...

heheh :D this is adorable :))