My Etsy Shop Open

Few days ago I started to list my Illutrated Girls in my Etsy shop.
Now, you can find some of my acrylic paintings as A4 prints there.
I´m going to list more of my paintings soon + pocket mirrors + badges + magnets...

Today I want to thank to my sweet blog friend Kim, because she was my first customer on Etsy!
Kim, thank you so much.... :)
If you wish, visit her blog where she shares her life, her creativeness and her talent as a doll-house maker.

5 komentárov:

lauren carney povedal(a)...

i must say you are incredibly talented!
your illustrated babes are the best!
i am immensely impressed!
x x

Laura Beth povedal(a)...

Love your work. Your girls are just darling! I will definitely have to check out your Etsy shop. ^_^

<3 Laura Beth

Kim povedal(a)...

Zlatica- you are so sweet! I am so excited to own a lovely print of your artwork to hang in my home- I love the colors in the one I bought- every time I look at it I am happy ♥

Zlatica povedal(a)...

Lauren, Laura, thank you so much...
Kim, I hope the picture will reach you soon. :)

Christelle povedal(a)...

Je suis tellement admirative de vos créations si mignonnes !
I'm so sorry but my english is very poor ...but I would like to tell you your drawing are very very beautiful .