Ladies, did you noticed that the clothing of today´s woman often lacks feminine tenderness?
I see it at our place and have to admit that my wardrobe is full of jeans, t-shirts, jackets and ... some summer skirts. I want to change it! I feel a desire for someting tender, long, natural and romantic at the same time. 
   I´m on my hunt for a perfect dress now and looking forward to find MY dress (dresses).
Do you know about any?


Beautiful people,

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5 komentárov:

Mademoiselle G povedal(a)...

The green one is so gorgeous!

Gloria povedal(a)...

Number 1 and 5 are my styles. I love the long look. I do need to lose a few pounds in order to look "just right" in those beautiful long dresses. Thanks for sharing.

ishtar olivera povedal(a)...

I feel the same way!!!! and was thinking about that the other day!!!!
I read recently about this issue...the importance of wearing dresses and skirts and how the femenine energy benefits from that. Im tired of wearing jeans!!!! i want to buy some nice dresses too!!!!
I love the third one by the way!

Zlatica povedal(a)...

Thank you for your thoughts, ladies.
Ishtar, you are certainly right about the woman´s energy... My favorite is the second one.

Katie povedal(a)...

that green dress is to die for!