Mum Loves To Play

Today a little hedgehog made my day.

We´ve been in a toy shop with my kids and I´ve spotted a cute little fellow hedgehog.
Any of my kids wanted him so... I had to buy him for myself. :)

When I saw the little cutie in a shop,
I was staring at him just like this girl.

We´ve made a tiny house for him.
Now he is patiently watching me writing this post... 

5 komentárov:

Gloria povedal(a)...

Oh he is darling, but what are you going to feed him? He's got his house and that's so cute. Take care.

Snezana povedal(a)...

Oh,what a cute little sweety!Thank you for visiting my blog,I like your paintings,I will come to visit you again!

Papillon Bleu povedal(a)...

It is such a cute little thing! looks so real!
I understand why you couldn't resist it.

Mimi and Tilly povedal(a)...

He's gorgeous, I love his little house. I had a huge hedgehog visit my garden last year. He snuffled about in the plants, and I put out a bowl of cat food for him and he ate the lot! xx

mademoiselle G povedal(a)...

So sweet! He's just adorable in his little house :-)