Have you seen something cuter?

Recently I came across a beautiful blog Blueberries in the fields.
It´s full of beauties I´m smitten with. 
Monique is a very talented lady and her dolls are absolutely adorable!
I just love their cute faces, cozy scarfs and beautiful dresses...

PS: Monique has a daughter Mademoiselle G who is having a great GIVEAWAY right now.
 She is offering SO CUTE cloth bunny Andy on her blog!
Have a look!

3 komentáre:

Ayala Art povedal(a)...

Oh, yes, they are adorable!

blueberries in the fields povedal(a)...

Oooo, Zlatica, thanks so much ! I am very touched by such kindness. One day we can swap if you want ^_^

sending hugs,

Zlatica povedal(a)...

Monique, I´d love to swap something with you! Thanks for an offer. :))))