Hi, friends!
Thank you so much for joining my giveaway.
I took your comments and entered them to the List Randomizer. There were 109 items in my list.  Bellow they are in random order (first 20 entries).
Please e-mail me your postal address and the name of the print you want to receive from me. (pupaart@gmail.com)
And sorry the rest of you...
Thank you!

1.lolamichele povedal(a)...the red jacket print featured here is my favorite.boswife @ gmail . com

2.Ayala Art povedal(a)...I retwitted your giveaway :o)

3.Mami Made It povedal(a)...Just twittered about it http://twitter.com/mamimadeit/status/23915502867

4.pippirose povedal(a)... Beautiful!! My favourite is Gretka in Red Jacket. :o) pippirose59 at gmail dot com

5.arceli povedal(a)... I love the "How They Met" print. a(dot)long(at)tcu(dot)edu

6.Sympathy for the Devil povedal(a)...hello, congratulations on your Blogiversary, so very happy for you :)) and generous as well!i would like to join your giveaway, please count me in :))i like all your works but my fave probably is the Folk Girl (http://www.etsy.com/listing/52319151/folk-girl-art-print-8x11), she's beautiful with dark hair plus she has a black cat, thats all what witches need :D My email addy: mita_indira@yahoo.com hope i could win :))xooxx

7.jc povedal(a)...Heartiest Congratulations on your Blog Anniversary! And looking forward to many many more!I love the Red Jacket art print. Gretka's pure innocence has been captured splendidly in this print and she does look so pretty in red!Thanks for the lovely giveaway.yumihamano@gmail.com

8.twittered about your giveaway ! Good girl ^-^ Zlatica, this is such a wonderful giveway, i hope it attracts a lot of people! i love everything, difficult to make a choice, but if i win, i would love to have " girls with chicks ". she is so adorable ! many thanks Zlatica and good luck to everyone !monique xoxo

9.Jen povedal(a)... I "liked" Pupa Art on FB!madeforhisglory@yahoo.com

10.Amber povedal(a)...i absolutely love the New Dress print!

11.diesel povedal(a)... so hard to decide, since there is so many lovely things :) I love the Illustrated Girls - Set of 3 Pinback Buttons :) beata_c@gazeta.pl

12.TheSharpTeethOfLove povedal(a)... half_blue_sky@yahoo.com http://twitter.com/HalfBlueSky/status/24737042945

13.Vejitayreun povedal(a)... http://www.etsy.com/listing/52318228/my-friends-bees-art-print-8x11

14.Jen povedal(a)... I added your button to my blog @ www.eggsovaryeasyplease.blogspot.com madeforhisglory@yahoo.com

15.The Angry Jackalope povedal(a)...They are all beautiful but I think Red Jacket is my favorite! Thank you for the great giveaway! justaduck at gmail.com

16.deanna povedal(a)... fave: Hanka with heart deannalw47 @ hotmail.com xoxoxo

17.Klik povedal(a)...And I've post an active link to your blog on my left side bar here http://klik-leisure.blogspot.com/

18.Mami Made It povedal(a)...Mentioned your giveaway on my blog (sidebar)http://mamimadeit.blogspot.com/

19.i blogged about you in my blog, i grabbed your button ( which i love by the way )to add in my sidebar and

20.TheSharpTeethOfLove povedal(a)... half_blue_sky@yahoo.com http://twitter.com/HalfBlueSky/status/24449979904 daily tweet
(I don´t think you want to see the whole list of 109 entries, but I have saved it to my PC.)

I´m going to browse through your blogs - I´ve seen some new ones in a list of my giveaway participants. :)


6 komentárov:

Mami Made It povedal(a)...

Oh, is that true? I won! I am so happy! Thank you!

Zlatica povedal(a)...


Anonymný povedal(a)...

Congrats to the winners!

Kim povedal(a)...

Congrats to the winners!!!!! This was a fabulous giveaway, and fun to see all the comments- thank you so much Zlatica! ♥

blueberries in the fields povedal(a)...

awww, poor me ! :-(
but many congrats to the lucky winners ! enjoy your wonderful surprise ! those who read this, visit me to get the link to my daughter's blog. She is currently having a super giveaway !

Zlatica povedal(a)...

I´sorry... :)
Monique, I´ve joined your daughter giveaway already ;)- her bunny is gorgeous!!!