It´s Promotion Time!

My Magnolia Girl was published in a popular Slovak women´s magazine Eva!
Just a tiny image, but I´m quite happy about it. :)

Another great Pupa Art promotion:
I was invited to sell my art during / after the concert
It was a lot of fun...
...and people did like my pinback buttons and pocket mirrors a lot.

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Kim povedal(a)...

Congratulations Zlatica!!!!!!

Anonymný povedal(a)...

Hi,Zlatica!It is nice to see the lady behind the creations.Thank you for giving a face to your work.Congratulation on your promotions.Keep up the good work.Hello to your lovely family too.

love is colder than death povedal(a)...

hello Zlatica!
firstly, i wanna say congrats to the lucky winners (awwww not meeeeee?????? heheh....)

secondly, you are always nice to me, thank you! Glad to see your work was published in a magz, you must be very proud because i am of you!!!!

i wish you a nice weekend, ok! ;)


love is colder than death povedal(a)...

oh i forgot!
sorry ive missed your posts, i was sick x(

blueberries in the fields povedal(a)...

oh this is wonderful zlatica, happy that people are enjoying your art ♥