The Perfect Dress

Dears, I´m working hard these days on various projects: custom paintings (and a doll:)), Christmas greeting cards and a lot of pocket mirrors and pinback buttons.... so my time is so scarce... I have neglected my blog... I also miss your beautiful blogs which I love to visit. I hope  I will find some time soon to visit you. :)
Now I just want to share this amazing dress I have found on - a Czech handmade place. Maybe you remember my post about the lack of feminine style clothing. And this dress is exactly my style! Natural, long and sweet and romantic - but not too much. :)   

Beautiful autumn days to you!

3 komentáre:

Kim povedal(a)...

Zlatica- busy is good!! I am glad that creativity is pouring out from you and I can't wait to see your doll. I love this dress too :) Have a good week ♥

sympathy for the devil povedal(a)...

love this dressattitude!


ps: take your time! :))

WINK ARTISANS povedal(a)...

wow, love the dress!