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Begin to see yourself as a soul with a body rather than a body with a soul.
 [Wayne Dyer]
Začni vnímať sám seba ako dušu s telom a nie ako telo s dušou.


Have a nice weekend.
Krásny víkend prajem.

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illustration poetry povedal(a)...

really beautiful picture ♥

i'm still learning how to use my camera (how do you do this???), i think i'm too stupid to take a picture like this! :D

Kim povedal(a)...

Zlatica-I am struggling with my self right now and this was a beautiful quote to read this morning. Thank you- hope all is well with you my friend ♥

Zlatica povedal(a)...

Mita, I´m not an expert, but you can learn about bokeh here, for example:

Zlatica povedal(a)...

Dear Kim, I´m happy you found the words helping. Love.